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All About Charlie

CHARLIE BROWN is a brown Labrador mix.  It was on my return, following a long time overseas, that I went back to my hometown in the Pacific Northwest and found that Charlie was now MY first.  It took us a while to get to know one another.  He doesn’t speak my language, but having spent time with him I understand a few things about him: 
    - Charlie doesn’t usually like to be on his own, he prefers his sister Louie to be nearby;  
    - When he comes and whines at me, he either needs to go out OR he wants ME to intervene.....Louie's lying on HIS bed/chair and that's where HE wants to be; 
    - When Charlie is very happy he has a quick chew on his toys; 
    - But most of all, he really enjoys having his clothes put on him and wearing them!
Oh, I do love my Charlie Brown.  The excitement of my boy is how this website began and that's how it will continue. . .  with thoughts of "WHATEVER MAKES CHARLIE BROWN HAPPY"!
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