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Sunday, August 11, 2019, 18:24

Paw protection

I LOVE outdoors, LOTS TO DO! If Mom’s not looking, I EAT GRASS (sshh, don't tell Mom)!

But grass hides lil bugs that make paws itchy, so we lick/chew our paws to feel better. Sometimes we overdo the chewing part and ACCIDENTLY rip off some of the pad on our paws. Then Mom COVERS our paws to PREVENT us doing any more DAMAGE..... why she does that, I'll never understand! You can't see it but she puts on medicine first, sometimes bandages next, then SOCKS on our paws, anchored on with velcro. 

This day it was raining outside. Mom didn't want to remove our socks only to put them back on later, so she put these ridiculous bread bags OVER our socks so we could outside to DO OUR BUSINESS. Huh, PLASTIC BREAD BAGS?!!!

Do you see what we have to deal with here? Mom and her BRIGHT IDEAS!  Oh well, we love her anyway! Silly Mom. And she calls US silly dogs!!!

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Signed, Charlie

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