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Tuesday, February 26, 2019, 06:08

If you are fashion conscious person who likes to make a statement whenever you step out in public the chances are you have a dog that has the same personality that you do or at least you will want to get a dog that complements your own sense of style. You might have seen some celebrity with a dog in a stylish carrier bag wearing a cute outfit and something that looks like a diamond encrusted collar and wonder how you can get the same for your pooch.

Thankfully we have the Internet and the hundreds of dog apparel designers, manufacturers and stores who carry some of the most amazing dog outfits you will ever see. You don't have to live in Hollywood to get your dog to look fabulous, you don't even need to be rich to get designer dog clothes and that diamond encrusted collar can always be substituted with a reasonably priced beaded dog collar.

Let's first consider your dog's personality before we discuss the array of dog apparel available for him or her to try.

Sociable, playful dog that enjoys getting attention

Most dogs love attention from their owners but some will lap up any attention coming from anyone. Dogs can sense when they are liked and they will be able to sense how liked they are when they are wearing certain outfits. In this regard they are no different from most people. So if your dog is a female, go girly and allow her to strut her stuff in a designer dog dress and some jewelry. But then not all female dogs are girly (at least not in the human sense of the word), so you could try playing it safe by getting some nice sweaters in pinks and lilacs. Get a nice coat that is not too heavy to walk around in, swap the leather collar for a beaded dog collar. When you factor in the playful nature of your dog then you need to make sure that the material can withstand the rough and tumble games she might love playing with you.

Shy dog who loves giving attention more

A dog is man's best friend and some dogs are more into being loyal than others. Although they might enjoy a bit of frolicking now and then, they are mostly concerned with keeping their master safe, happy and love being appreciated. These are dogs who will love long extended walks with their masters not just because they themselves need the exercise but because they love the outdoors and making the most of the time they get with their owner. If your dog loves the outdoors, doesn't care much for attention from clothes but from yourself, then he should be dressed in clothing that will protect him from the cold, will not restrict movement and is made of material that doesn't tear or fray easily. A Cotton Sweater, dog hoodie, rain slicker and a dog coat are just some of the clothes you could get for a dog who appreciates practicality.

The examples above are an oversimplification of course but they are meant to give you an idea of how to go about shopping for dog clothes for your special pet.
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